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A working life consists of around 10,000 working days, and it's important to have a job you enjoy. Working as a temp/consultant can be the first step towards your dream job! Maybe you'll join a company where you'll have the opportunity to develop and move up the ladder to reach your goal? Is this the right job for you?

Either way, it will be a good learning experience and reference on the road ahead. We at Ansett AS will help you along the way with your career choices. It is important to us that you are well received and taken care of in the position you have obtained through Ansett AS. If you do a good job, work hard and are conscientious, you will quickly thrive with both colleagues and superiors.

Working as a temp/consultant for several different companies gives you insight into different corporate cultures and gives you experience from several industries. This can help you build a developing and exciting CV.

Our customers range from global corporations to small businesses. We want to help you find the job that suits your individual skills and abilities.

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